Check out my new range of colourful, sparkly resin bracelets

Check out my new range of colourful, sparkly resin bracelets
These stylish bracelets feature a selection of crystal focals and silver beads and have a strong, crystal-encrusted magnetic clasp, making them perfect for the girl who can't get a regular bangle over her knuckles. They also come in larges sizes for girls with bigger wrists.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Twelve Days of Christmas - Day 6

Not all Christmas earrings have to look like they're Christmas earrings. This striking pair of earrings combines a delicate looking filigree cone with a classic glass pearl - simple and elegant.

They are also super quick to make. And if you choose a different coloured bead, this design will be suitable all year round.

Here are the supplies you'll need:
Thread the beads and findings on the head pins in the order shown and then thread the head pin through the filigree cone. Flare out the points of the filigree so that the bead will slide up inside the cone a little. Take care not to scratch the bead.

 Turn a simple loop at the top of the cone. Trim away the excess if there is any.

Open the loop and hook onto the earring wire. Close it again and you're done! Make a second earring to match.

Well we are now at the half way mark of the Twelve Days of Christmas Earring Extravaganza. How are you going along? Have you managed to make any earrings for yourself? Or are you busily making gifts for your lucky family and friends? I hope you've found at least one pair amongst these that has inspired you. If not, keep checking back over the coming days for more design ideas.

'Til next time....


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