Now available! - Christmas Tree Earrings Collection

Now available! - Christmas Tree Earrings Collection
Add a touch of magic to your holiday outfits with festive Christmas earrings. I’ve gathered together 12 of my all-time best Christmas Tree earring designs from previous years in this one special ebook. From traditional to modern, you’ll find a variety of styles, techniques and materials and something for every level of jewellery-maker.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Friendly Plastic beads

I've spent today in the kitchen working with Friendly Plastic and AMACO bead rollers - what fun! It's hard to imagine that you can turn a flat stick of Friendly Plastic into these little gems. And once I got into a rhythm, I was producing beads production-line style.

I also tried some different colour combinations to produce unique, one of a kind beads (shown below). They're set up on a block of foam ready to be painted with a coat of resin. The resin really brings out the metallic lustre of the Friendly Plastic and makes the beads glow so that they look more like dichroic glass than plastic!Once they're all dry I'll turn them into unique pieces of jewellery. But you don't have to coat the beads with resin: this sample shows that they look equally as good without the resin coating.I'll be revealing my secrets on how to make these beads in an AMACO tutorial soon so I'll post the link when that happens but in the meantime check out their website for all sorts of other Friendly Plastic techniques.


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