Jewellery-Making Basics

Follow these links to learn the basics of how to make jewellery. Each tutorial gives you step-by-step instructions, written for beginners, with clear photographs. And once you've mastered the basic technique, why not try the technique or jewellery project below it.

Learn how to Make Your Own Jump Rings
Tutorial sheet - DIY jump rings... in any size you want

Learn How to Turn a Loop on Memory Wire....

And then make this pretty Pastel Flower Bracelet

Learn How to Tie a Surgeon's Knot in Beading Elastic.....

And then make this multi-strand Orchid Stretch Bracelet

Learn How to Make a Wrapped Loop....,

And then make this Tweetheart Bracelet:

Learn How to Crimp.....

And then make this Wispy Pebbles Necklace:

Learn How to Make a Simple Loop.....

And then Make this cheery yellow Zig Zag Bracelet
Cheery yellow flower beads are arranged in a zigzag pattern in this bracelet.

Learn How to Open and Close Jump Rings.....

And then make these Dangling Cluster Earrings