Friday, December 14, 2018

Embossed Leather Cuff with Concho Focal

Get the traditional look of tooled leather even if you don't have any leather crafting skills. Tooling leather is the traditional leather technique where you "sculpt" the leather to create patterns. But you can replicate the look even when you don't have any leather crafting skills. And it's as easy as 1,2,3! All you need is an embossing folder and die cutting machine. Team the patterned leather with a concho, filigree and charms and you have a very chic, bohemian leather cuff.
DIY Boho chic embossed leather cuff

Here's a shopping list of the supplies you'll need:

SS 1504202 Realeather leather strip Brown 1.5x42”
BC786 Realeather Rope Edge Concho
T3630-20 20L Snap Setter Kit
Embossing folder: Leaves and branches
DecoArt Metallic Lustre: Brilliant Turquoise; Copper Kettle; Burnished Brass
48mm ornate round brass or antique gold filigree
3 assorted leaf charms in brass and silver
Two 4mm brass jump rings
One 4mm Silver jump ring
Beacon Power Grip Adhesive
Tools: Sizzix Big Shot, chain nose pliers, screwdriver, 4mm hole punch, 2mm hole punch, hammer, scissors, ruler, permanent marker

Measure your wrist and add 6mm (¼”) for comfort and 12mm (½”) for the closure. Cut a strip of leather to this length.
Using scissors to cut the leather belt to size

Place one end of the leather strip in the embossing folder and run it half way through the die cutting machine to emboss it. Remove the leather from the embossing folder and place the other end of the leather strip in the folder and emboss it.
Embossing the leather strip by running it through the Big Shot machine

Using your finger, lightly rub the turquoise metallic wax over the embossed pattern. Highlight the texture with the brass and copper metallic waxes.
Applying the metallic wax to the embossed detail of the leather

Punch a 4mm hole in the middle of the bracelet.
Using a hole punch to cut a hole in the leather

Apply adhesive to the inner opening of the brass stamping.
Using a toothpick to apply the adhesive to the fine detail of the filigree

Center it over the hole and allow the adhesive to dry before proceeding.
Centering the filigree on the leather strip

Insert the shaft of the concho screw through the hole, place the concho on top and tighten it.
Placing the concho onto the thread of the base screw

Open two brass and one silver jump ring. Place a charm on each and insert through the loop of the brass stamping.
Using pliers to attach the charms to the filigree

Mark the positions for the snaps at either end of the bracelet. Position them approximately 3/8” from the ends and the sides of the leather. Punch a 2mm hole at each mark.
Using a Crop-o-Dile to punch the holes for the snaps

Follow the instructions included in the Snap Setter kit to attach the snaps.
Using a rivet setting tool to set the snaps in the leather

And now you can wear your "tooled" leather cuff!

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Friday, December 7, 2018

Glowing Red and Gold Christmas Tree Cuff

Add some Christmas cheer to your holiday outfits with this glowing red, gold and silver cuff. Would you believe me if I told you it is made on memory wire? 
Red and Gold Christmas Tree memory wire cuff
Finished size: Internal diameter 2 11/16” (67mm)
Memory wire is such an under utilised stringing material. It's a great place for beginner jewellery-makers to start, but there's so much more that you can do with it when you get creative, making it an ideal stringing material for advanced jewellery-makers too! This Christmas cuff shows how it can be used to create sculptural pieces that will belie it's humble status as a beginner's stringing material. But the clever thing is, it uses just one technique: hot to turn loops. Read on to see how to make it.

Here's what you'll need:

3 50mm silver eye pins

Tools: Memory Wire shears, Flush cutters, Chain nose pliers, Round nose pliers

Cut two 2” lengths of wire.  Create a loop on one end of each wire.  String on a red bicone and a curved tube, making sure that the eye of the pin is sideways to the tube.  String a second red bicone and turn another loop in the same direction.
Eye pin strung with twisted silver tube and red bicone.

String a Christmas tree and a star on each eye pin and turn a loop.

Cut two coils measuring 1¼ rings from the memory wire using the memory wire shears.  Turn an outward facing loop at one end of each coil using the round nose pliers.
Turning a loop on the memory wire with round nose pliers.

With the loops of the two coils together string on a red rondelle.

Separate the wires and string two curved tubes and 3 glass pearls on each one.

String on a Christmas tree component upside down.
Pearl beads and Christmas tree bead strung on memory wire

On the top coil, string six glass pearls.  On the bottom row, string two glass pearls.

Double memory wire coils strung with pearl beads and a Christmas Tree

String a curved tube component with the outside of the curve facing towards the center of the bracelet.

On the top coil, string two glass pearls and on the bottom coil, string six pearls.
Two coils of memory wire strung with a hollow tube component and glass pearls.

String a Christmas tree right way up.

On the top coil string two glass pearls and on the bottom coil string six glass pearls.

String the second curved tube component with the outside curve facing towards the centre of the bracelet.
Stringing a hollow tube component between the memory wire coils.

On the top coil, string six pearls and the bottom loop of the third Christmas tree.  On the bottom coil, string two pearls and the top loop of the Christmas tree.
Upside down Christmas tree bead strung between two memory wire coils.

String three pearls and two curved tubes on to each wire and then bring them back together.  String on a red rondelle.
Adding glass pearls after the Christmas Tree bead to finish the stringing pattern

Push all the beads along the wire so that there are no gaps between them.  Trim the wire using memory wire shears to 3/8” (10mm).  Turn a loop on each wire.
Using memory wire shears to trim the memory wire

Techniques used in this project:
Turning loops on memory wire
Turning simple loops

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