Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Resin Rose Bubble Ring

UV Resin Rose bead set in a silver filigree ring base.

My hands get some pretty rough treatment in the studio and because they are always in front of the camera, I get a regular manicure to keep them looking good. You've probably noticed that my nails are always a different colour!
Pastel Pink UV resin rose bead with gold bead caviar centre, set in a silver filigree ring.

Whilst visiting my nail technician last week, I noticed she had some gorgeous 3D bubble roses on her nails and I realised immediately that this was something that we could do with UV jewellery resin. It's just a matter of building up layers of resin and painting each layer with colour. In the nail world, they paint the rose petals with gel nail polish but I've used alcohol inks which worked just fine.
Two UV Resin rose rings, one light pink and one dark pink, displayed on a white ring cone.

So here's what you'll need to make your own.
  • UV resin
  • Pinata Alcohol inks. I used Señorita Magenta and White (you need the white to give the pink some opacity and some depth). 
  • Claro Extender (for when the alcohol inks dry on the palette)
  • Gold Bead Caviar (aka microbeads)
  • Tool to build the bead on. I used a ball tool and had difficulties removing it as you'll see below, so I recommend you use the needle tool
  • UV Nail Lamp (at least 9 watt)
  • Paint brush
  • Paint palette
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • JoolTool or metal file to grind the bottom of the bead flat
To turn your bead into a ring, you'll need:
  • a filigree ring base
  • 5-minute epoxy adhesive
  • chain nose pliers

How to Make a UV Resin Rose Bead

Start by applying a bead of resin to the tip of the ball tool.
Applying one drop of UV resin to the point of the needle tool.

Place it under the UV lamp to cure. You'll need to rotate the tool constantly so the resin doesn't drip or cure lopsided. This will take several minutes depending on your nail lamp.
Placing the UV resin into the nail lamp to cure.

Apply another layer of resin over the cured resin and dip the ball into the bead caviar. This will become the stamens of the rose. Then place it under the nail lamp again, constantly rotating it until the resin has gelled and the beads are adhered.
Dipping the point of the needle tool into the jar of gold bead caviar to coat the resin.

Apply a coat of resin over the bead caviar and cure it under the nail lamp, rotating it until the resin gels.

Squeeze a drop of white and pink alcohol ink onto the palette and dip your brush into each colour. Paint three of four petals around the resin ball. You want them to cup the caviar a little.
Using the paint brush to paint the alcohol ink petals around the sides of the resin ball.
One layer of light pink petals painted around the base of the resin ball with the gold bead caviar in the centre.

Once the alcohol ink has dried, apply a coat of resin to the whole ball and cure as before. If you apply a thick layer then it will take more time to cure. If your layer is thin, then you'll need to apply a second coat.
Applying a layer of UV resin onto the alcohol ink and spreading it over the painted petals.
Curing the next layer of resin under the UV light.

Paint another layer of petals on the resin, lining them up in between the petals of the first layer but so that they sit slightly lower.
Using the paint brush to paint a second layer of darker pink petals in between the gaps in the first layer of petals.

Continue adding layers of resin and alcohol ink until your bead is the size that you want.
The final bead showing all the layers of petals, ready to be removed from the needle tool.

The bead should be easy to remove from the needle - just give it a twist and pull it off.
Twisting the bead to release it from the needle tool.

Now you need to flatten the bottom so that it will sit on the ring base. I used the JoolTool with a grinding disk because it removes the excess material so quickly and you can see what you're doing as the ninja disk rotates. I absolutely love this tool! But you could just as easily use a hand file to get the same result.
Using the JoolTool to grind the bottom of the bead flat.

Turn the Resin Rose Bead into a Ring

Use the pliers to open out the prongs on the ring base a little so that the bead sits snugly.
Use the chain nose pliers to open out the claws of the filigree ring base so the bead will fit.

Mix up the 5-minute epoxy and apply some to the base of the bead.
Applying the five minute epoxy to the base of the bead with a wooden stir stick

Press the bead into the ring base and hold it in position for a couple of minutes.
Pressing the bead firmly into the filigree ring base.

And now your Resin Rose Bubble ring is ready to wear!

Avoid this mistake!

For the first bead I made, it seemed like a good idea to form the UV resin around the tip of a ball tool but that made it very hard to remove. To get it off, I had to use the grinding attachment on my Her Embosser Tool to create a flat base around the base of the bead.

Then I had to switch to the drill to drill out the resin from around the spindle of the ball tool. I was lucky that the spindle came out of the ball tool so that I could drill almost vertically down to the ball tip without the wooden handle getting in the way.
 Using the drill to remove the resin alongside the shaft of the ball tool.

Then I had to grip the shaft with a pair of pliers whilst pulling and wiggling the bead until it came free.
Using the pliers to wiggle the shaft of the ball tool back and forth until the ball tip is released from the resin.

It took a fair bit of effort so I highly recommend building your bead on a needle tool!

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DIY Resin Rose Ring inspiration sheet.

Inspiration sheet with photo of light pink and dark pink Resin Rose Bubble Rings on a ring stand

Tutorial sheet showing step by step photos of how to make the resin rose bubble ring.

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Thursday, May 3, 2018

9 Fabulous Handmade Jewellery Gifts for Mother's Day

There's no doubting the importance of your Mum. She nurtured you through your childhood years, loved you unconditionally as you navigated the teenage years and helped shape the person you have become today as an adult. Now, she's a confidante, an adviser, your biggest fan and your cheerleader. What an amazing woman she is! One thing is for sure - no matter how grown up you are, your Mum never stops being your Mum! So this Mother's Day, show her just how much she means to you with a gift that not only comes from your heart, but that was handmade with love.

To help you, I've rounded up some of my most popular jewellery making projects that she is sure to love.

Egyptian Perfume Bottle Pendant:
So this is not actually a bottle but it does look like one. This exotic pendant will take you less than an hour to put together.
Bottle shaped pendant made with hollow turquoise glass heart bead and bead caps

Rose Cluster Bottle Pendant:
Another bottle pendant that isn't actually a bottle. This tutorial also includes step-by-step instructions for making a snake chain to hang the bottle on. This project will take you a little over an hour.
Bottle necklace made with a red rose cluster bead and bead caps.

Ice Crystal Earrings:
Give your Mum some sparkly earrings! If she's not into blue, then make them with her favourite colours!
Silver teardrop chandelier finding draped with icy blue Swarovski bicone crystals

Fiesta Sunset Earrings:
For the Mum who likes her jewellery to have a more Southwestern influence, make these leather lace earrings in earthy tones. These just make you want to party!
Teardrop earrings made with orange, turquoise and rust suede lace with a marbled bead dangle.

Kashmiri Stretch Bracelet:
This is an easy project for a beginner to tackle. Using exotic beads like these Kashmiri beads is what makes it so special.
Stretch bracelet made with purple Kashmiri clay beads

Candy Coloured Kumihimo Bracelet:
This basic Kumihimo braid is much simpler than it looks. Once you get the hang of how to do it, you can make the bracelet whilst you're watching TV.
8-strand basic Kumihimo braid worked in candy colours and made into a bracelet

Beaded Leather Kumihimo Bracelet with Sliding Knot:
For something just a little more challenging than the basic Kumihimo braid, add some beads to the braid and then finish the bracelet with an adjustable sliding knot. Your Mum will love that she can do this bracelet up on her own!
Leather cord Kumihimo bracelet with pearlised focal bead and seed beads worked into the braid,  finished with an adjustable sliding knot.

Marbled and Textured Resin Bracelet:
You'll need a bit more time to complete this resin bracelet, but the time spent will be well worth it! Your Mum will love the marbled and the textured pieces in the shiny silver settings. It will become one of her favourite pieces in no time!
Pink and purple marbled and textured resin slices set in an oval bracelet setting
And if after all those ideas, you really don't have the time to make a piece of jewellery for your Mum, then why not choose a stack of colourful handmade resin bangles in her favourite colour. These bangles have magnetic closures that are encrusted with sparkly crystals and they come in whatever length you need. I make them for Mums with bigger wrists, Mums with smaller wrists and Mums with average size wrists. No matter what size you need, I can make one to suit. Or, buy one ready-made. See the full range here: Mill Lane Studio Jewellery Shop.

Stack of 4 resin bangles in shades of green, embellished with crystals and silver beads, finished with a sparkly magnetic clasp.

I hope these ideas help you find just the right gift to show your Mum just how much she means to you.
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Make your Mum one of these 9 beautiful pieces of jewellery for Mother's Day

'Til next time.....

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