Monday, June 20, 2016

Ice Crystal Earrings

Tiered earrings made on a chandelier fitting add a touch of elegance to an otherwise casual outfit. Teamed with a T-shirt and jeans you can dress up your look quickly and easily with a pair of long, dangly chandelier earrings. And they don't need to be really elaborate to give you the look - you only need a few Swarovski crystals for a really sparkly effect! You can put this pair together in under half an hour.
Swarovski crystals make these simple chandelier earrings really sparkle.

Here's what you'll need:
Tools: round nose pliers, flat nose pliers, flush cutters.
Beads and findings required to make sparkly chandelier earrings

Put half of all the supplies aside for the second earring. Thread the a 6mm bicone on the eye pin, one of the 4mm Denim Blue bicones on a fine nail head pin and all the remaining crystals on the ball head pins. Bend each pin just above the bead at a 90° angle and trim to 8mm (5/16").
Crystals strung on head pins, trimmed and bent at an angle ready for loop forming

Turn a simple loop on each one. Make sure that the loop on the nail head pin is not too large or the crystal will hang to low inside the chandelier and won't dangle.
Turning a simple loop on an eye pin strung with a blue crystal

Attach a Light Azore crystal to the 6mm Denim Blue bicone.
Attaching a bicone drop to an eye loop crystal

Connect two oval jump rings together and attach it to the second loop of the chandelier component. Open the loop of another Light Azore crystal and attach it to the bottom jump ring. Repeat this step on the 4th loop of the chandelier component.
Attaching jump rings to the loops of the chandelier fitting

Attach the loop of the 6mm Denim Blue crystal to the centre loop.
Attaching the central crystal dangles to the chandelier first and working your way to the outside loops.

Attach a 4mm Denim Blue bicone (the ones on the ball head pins) to the two outer loops.
Chandelier fitting with all the beaded components attached.

Open the loop of the crystal on the nail head pin and attach it to the inner loop of the chandelier component. It is fiddly so you might have to open the loop quite wide in order to hook the loop of the pin through the loop of the component.
Attach a focal crystal to the central loop of the chandelier component

Hook the chandelier component onto the earring wire and securely close it by pressing the ball hook against the earring wire.
Hook the top loop of the chandelier component onto the earring wire.

Use the remaining components to make a matching earring and then admire your pretty, sparkly Ice Crystal Earrings.

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Saturday, June 18, 2016

Resin Diamonds Bracelet Tutorial

For this week's tutorial over at Resin Obsession, I've designed a stylish bracelet using Super Clear Resin and both the Opaque and Translucent resin pigments.

I love the contrast created by the transparency of the blue and the opacity of the teal - visually, it adds texture to the bracelet, even though the pieces are smooth and glossy. Such a soothing combination of colours makes this bracelet the perfect accessory for a summer getaway to the seaside or perhaps an ocean cruise. 

After casting each of these diamonds, I drilled holes in them and strung all the pieces together with beading elastic and added some sliders embellished with Swarovski flat back crystals.

If you'd like to make the Resin Diamonds Bracelet, hop on over to Resin Obsession where you'll find the full tutorial.

'Til next time.....

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Sunday, June 12, 2016

Glowing Neon Ombré Resin Pyramid Cuff

This week, I'm sharing another tutorial over on the Resin Obsession blog.

Once again, I'm working with Resin Obsession's fabulous resin and pigment system and for this tutorial, I just couldn't resist using the Brights. These colours really pack a punch. They are so luminous in this neon resin pyramid cuff that it glows like an intense tropical sunset.

To learn how to make the Ombré Pyramid Cuff, hop on over to the Resin Obsession blog for the full tutorial. You'll be surprised by how easy it is to make!

'Til next time........

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Resin Trivet Tutorial at Resin Obsession

This month I'm working with Resin Obsession to bring you some fabulous resin tutorials using their Super Clear Resin and Resin Pigments.

Super Clear Resin not only lives up to its name, but it's almost bubble free too. And whilst the resin is ultra clear, it's just as wonderful when it's coloured with Resin Obsession's pigments.

If you haven't used these colourants before then here's the lowdown: the pigment is actually resin, so when you're measuring out the resin, you take into account the volume of the pigment as well. To that, you add the hardener and then mix. The range of colours is extensive and includes Bright (read glowing neons!), Opaque and Transparent colours and they are gorgeous!

My first project is a resin and bamboo trivet for the kitchen. This colourful kitchen accessory is sure to add some sunshine to your benchtop.
Resin and bamboo trivet with coffee plunger

Hop on over to Resin Obsession for the full tutorial on how you can make your own resin and bamboo trivet.
Using a pipette to transfer coloured resin into the slots of a bamboo trivet.

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