Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Twelve Days of Christmas 2015 - Day 1: Very Merry Berry Earrings

Are you excited? It's December and that means my annual Twelve Days of Christmas Earrings Extravaganza is about to get underway! Throughout the month of December, I'll be bringing you tutorials on how to make twelve different pairs of earrings inspired by the Christmas season.

Today I bring you Very Merry Berry earrings featuring chains of sparkly crystals to tickle your neck. With these earrings you'll be set to sparkle your way through all those festive parties!
Festive Very Merry Berry earrings

Here's what you'll need to make the Very Merry Berry earrings:
Tools: Chain nose pliers, flat nose pliers, round nose pliers, flush cutters, ruler

Finished length: approximately 6.5cm (2.5")

Cut the chain into two equal halves and set one half aside, along with half of all the other materials for the second earring. Cut the other chain into nine pieces, varying in length from 2.5cm (1") up to 5cm (2").

String each of the bicones on a head pin. Turn a 90° angle on each one, trim the end to 8mm (5/16") and turn a simple loop.

On each length of chain, attach a bicone by opening the loop of the head pin and hooking it through the last link of the chain.

Open the loops of the remaining crystals and hook them around the chain above the beads of the chain. If you are using a plain chain in place of the beaded chain, hook the loops through links of the chain instead.

The chain length should now look something like this.

Repeat for all the lengths of chain, placing the crystals at varying lengths along the chains.

Slide the first link of each chain onto the shaft of the eye pin. Once all the chains are threaded, open the eye pin loop and slide the chain lengths around it. Close the loop.

Insert the eye pin through the bead cap.

Bend it a 90° angle.

Turn a simple loop and then hook it onto the earring wire.

Make a second earring to match with the remaining components.
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I'll be back again with more instalments soon!

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