Sunday, December 29, 2013

Rosary Chain Jewellery Repair

Every girl has a special relationship with her hairdresser and I'm no exception. Mine has been doing my hair for 20+ years and in that time our relationship has become way more than that of  hairdresser/client - each salon visit is like visiting an old friend.

Her work wardrobe consists of a lot of black - black shirts and blouses, black pants, black skirts, black dresses - it's mandatory workwear in the salon. But the one place she can add her own style is in her jewellery and accessories.

When I visited her this week she told me she had somehow managed to get one of her newest necklaces wrapped around the handle of her shopping trolly and with one almight tug, it broke into about 20 pieces. She was devastated because it was one that many clients had commented on.

I told her not to fret and that it was something I could easily fix for her.

So she bundled it all into a ziplock bag and I brought it home with me.

Luckily, the rosary chain loops in this piece are made of a pliable metal and even though they had been stretched open, the metal isn't brittle so it's a straightforward repair.

For the loops on the ends of links like this one, round nose pliers are the go: just insert the pliers into the loops and reform them.

Securely closed loops like this one won't come open again unless there is another major shopping trolly incident!

Loops like this one where the gap is 1mm just need to be closed properly with a pair of chain nose pliers.

Grab the open end with the pliers and inch it into position by pushing it inwards whilst moving it backwards and forwards (as if you were opening/closing a door) until it's aligned with the stem of the loop.

So here it is completely reassembled and as good as new!

One last thing before I go. With a store-bought rosary-style chain like this one, it's better to check the eye loops on every single bead to make sure there are no places the necklace could fall apart again in the future..... you'll have one very grateful customer!

'Til next time.....