Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Twelve Days of Christmas - Day 11

We traditionally associate red, green, silver and gold with Christmas. But to add a bit of drama, why not consider adding a touch of black to the mix. It works really well with antiqued silver elements like the silver bell charms in today's project.
Here's what you'll need:
Measure 5cm (2") from the end of the ribbon and place a mark. Measure along 13mm (1/2") and mark, then 5.5mm (1/4") and mark. Continue marking at 13mm and 5.5mm intervals eight times in total.

Cut a 25cm (10") length of wire and poke it through the first mark.

Use round nose pliers to turn a couple of loops in the wire so it won't pull through.

String on a bead and thread the wire through the ribbon at the first two marks. Continue threading beads in this fashion.

Whenever the wire becomes bent, used nylon jaw pliers to straighten it again.

 Centre the beads on the wire and cut away the loops which stopped the wire from pulling through the ribbon. Form the beaded ribbon into a wreath shape.

Add a jump ring to the bell charm and thread both the wires through it, one from each side. Twist the wires twice tightly so that the bell is secure.

Thread the ribbon through the bow charm, one from each side. Make sure the bow is sitting correctly and then tie it in a knot.

Trim away one of the wires above the twist. Grip the remaining wire above the twist with chain nose pliers and bend it at a 45° angle. Form a loop with round nose pliers and hook it onto the earring wire. Wrap the tail neatly around the neck and then trim away the excess.

Tie the bow into another knot and then trim the ends at an angle.

Make the second earring in the same way.

I like the star burst pattern the ribbon creates inside the wreath but you can also form the wreath with the ribbon on the outside of the beads for a different effect.

The next post will be the twelfth and final pair of earring in this year's Twelve Days of Christmas Earrings Extravaganza. Don't forget to check in to see the final pair.

'Til then.....