Mother's Day Gift Idea!

Mother's Day Gift Idea!
Spoil your Mum (or yourself!) with a colourful resin bangle with a sparkly magnetic clasp. Wear one on it's own, wear a stack of monochromatic bangles or really let her personality show and wear a stack of different colours together. Peronalised sizing available so no matter what size wrist she has, there is a bangle to fit! Available at the Mill Lane Studio Resin Jewellery Shop

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Sweet Resin Candy Treats

Today's post is short and sweet!

Here's a little bit of candy (or should I say, resin candy) for your Halloween enjoyment.

In Australia we call these "100s and 1000s" and one of our favourite ways of serving them is to sprinkle them on buttered white bread which we then call Fairy Bread. Cut it into triangles, serve at children's birthday parties and watch it disappear... yumm. What a lovely sweet treat!

Happy Halloween to all my northern hemisphere friends!

'Til next time....