Thursday, September 27, 2012

Bad Resin Day!

Yesterday, I had a bad resin day!

Sometimes, things don't go quite as planned: I had bad pours, spilled resin, bubbling issues, cross contamination, you name it, I seemed to be clumsy enough to do it. It was just one of those days!

But that's not what this post is about. Those mess ups give me the opportunity to show you some of the things that can go wrong when working with resin.

So let's have a look at a couple of the things that didn't go according to plan.

Contaminants in Resin

The first bangle has a little bit of bubbling in the resin (not unusual for polyurethane resin) but the biggest problem is what I'd describe as warts on the surface.
Handmade resin bangle with bubbled surface.

The culprit here is moisture. A crack in the lid of the colourant I used has allowed moisture to contaminate the dye. Mix with resin and you get warts, bubbling and sometimes you'll even get foaming. Polyurethane resins HATE moisture!
Bottle of resin dye with cracked lid.
Lesson: resin and moisture do not mix!

Unmixed Resin Doesn't Cure

In the second bangle I have a totally different problem.  I've seen this happen once or twice before with beginners but I had never experienced it myself. And I'll have to be honest here and say I've never seen it THIS BAD before!
Handmade bangle with swollen top edge

What you are looking at here is the swollen outside edge of a bangle. It looks like it has a fat lip!

In the photo below, you can see how it has puckered on the inside, looking a lot like a kiddie's inflatable swimming pool.
Handmade resin bangle with puckered top edge

The culprit here is operator error. I have not mixed the resin well enough and inside the outer shell of cured resin is uncured, unmixed resin.

Lesson: Follow the manufacturer's instructions and make sure the resin is thoroughly mixed.

So take heart: even experienced resin crafters get less than perfect results sometimes. Keep in mind these two very important points and you can avoid these ghastly mistakes. Resin really is fun and easy to work with when you do it properly.

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Surface bubbling on a resin bangle caused by moisture in the resin

'Til next time.....

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