Now available! - Christmas Tree Earrings Collection

Now available! - Christmas Tree Earrings Collection
Add a touch of magic to your holiday outfits with festive Christmas earrings. I’ve gathered together 12 of my all-time best Christmas Tree earring designs from previous years in this one special ebook. From traditional to modern, you’ll find a variety of styles, techniques and materials and something for every level of jewellery-maker.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Filigree Wrapped Crystal Earrings

In my last post I showed you a pair of filigree wrapped earrings. Crystals and filigrees are a classic combination, perfect for evening wear or a special occasion like a wedding.

Look how easy it is to get this timeless look.

All you need is a crystal and a filigree. The filigree on the right started out just like the one on the left.

Choose a round one which is slightly larger in diameter than the height of the crystal. Place the crystal on the filigree so that it sits just at or below the bottom of the filigree. Make sure you have left yourself a point at the top where you will be able to attach it to the earring wire. For this one, I've made sure I had a loop in the centre.

Gently wrap the sides up and around the crystal. If you have chosen a soft metal, you can do this with your fingers. If your filigree is harder you will need to use round nose pliers to help.

Keep working the filigree until it completely encases the crystal.

Remove the crystal and thread it onto the centre of a 10cm (4") length of fine gauge wire (I used 28g). Twist the two wires together twice and then draw the ends through the top of the filigree. Separate the ends and wrap them around the loop several times to secure and trim away the excess. Add a crystal and then attach it to the earring wire.

And that's all there is to it..... filigree wrapped crystal earrings that are simple, elegant and timeless!

'Til next time.....


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