Saturday, August 25, 2012

A Rainbow of Colour

I got so carried away weaving those little tangles of wire into bird's nests yesterday that by the end of the day I realised I had made a nest in every colour of the rainbow.

That was totally unintentional but when I noticed it, it made me so happy - rainbows always make me smile in wonder. Maybe it's the legend that says there's a pot of gold that awaits at the end of every rainbow; or maybe it's the notion that the rainbow is a pathway between the earth and the heavens; or perhaps that it's a symbol of hope and optimism but rainbows uplift the soul.

So I was in a happy mood when I put these vibrant bracelets together.

Half the fun was choosing all the special beads to make them up. It was a surprise that plastic, ceramic, lamp work beads and even gemstones all made it into the bracelets. But hey, if it works, it works! Some, like yellow, were a challenge. It's the cheeriest colour of the rainbow, and yet my yellow bead drawer is sadly empty and the beads in it look decidedly lonely. I guess yellow is not on my radar when I make jewellery/go bead shopping.

And purple was difficult too. I can't believe how few purple beads there are in my collection. Now this is a sad state of affairs because it is my favourite colour. You'd think I'd have an abundance to choose from! I will have to keep these two colours in mind on my next bead shopping trip!

If you'd like to see the bracelets in more detail, click here for a better view. Hope you enjoy studying all the different beads in my rainbow of bracelets.

'Til next time.....