Mother's Day Gift Idea!

Mother's Day Gift Idea!
Spoil your Mum (or yourself!) with a colourful resin bangle with a sparkly magnetic clasp. Wear one on it's own, wear a stack of monochromatic bangles or really let her personality show and wear a stack of different colours together. Peronalised sizing available so no matter what size wrist she has, there is a bangle to fit! Available at the Mill Lane Studio Resin Jewellery Shop

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

How Did I Fit All This In?

My bags were packed full to the brim on Friday as I made my way to the check in counter for the flight down to Port Macquarie for the resin jewellery workshops on the weekend. I had a serious case of excess baggage. How much? Well, enough to cost a pretty penny!

But it's a good thing that packing has always been one of my strong points. I was blessed with a keen sense of how things fit together in tight spaces - it comes in very handy for packing suitcases!

But even I can't believe how much I crammed into that bag!!! What you see here is about one third of it!

When I began setting up at The Glass House, the organisers looked on in amazement as it all came out - it was like the bottomless bag! 

Well, there were 24 participants after all. And that's a lot of supplies over the course of a weekend!

My next resin workshop will be at the Chermside Library for Youth Week. So if you are aged between 12 and 25, this is a workshop designed just for you. Check out the calendar for booking details. (edited: sorry, this link no longer available)

'Til next time.......