Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Twelve Days and Counting - Day 9 - Rudolph

Welcome to Day 9 of the Twelve Days and Counting Earrings Spectacular!

Today's earrings are inspired by Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. I wanted these to be a little more sophisticated than the childlike melody we all know and love. So instead of giving Rudolph a red nose, I've used red beads to decorate his frame. Don't you just love the spattering of stars below him?
To make a pair of Rudolph earrings you'll need:
2 x Silver Reindeer charms 19mm x 24mm
2 x 3cm (1-1/8") silver rings
6 x 6mm Siam Crystazzi crystals
6 x 6mmx4mm red faceted oval crystals
8 x 5mm Silver Star Beads
2 x 6mm silver jump ring
2 x 4mm silver jump ring
2 x silver earring wires
5.6cm fine silver chain
42 x 8mm red jump rings
14 silver ball head pins

Thread the beads onto the head pins using the photo as a guide.

Turn a 90° angle and trim each one to approximately 9mm.

Turn a loop.

Cut the chain in half, then separate one half into a 12mm and 16mm length. Attach the chains to the star components and then set all the beaded components aside.

Gently open the silver ring.....

......and then thread on 14 of the red jump rings . Close the ring.

Thread each of the beaded components onto the remaining seven jump rings.

Place them on the silver ring amongst the red jump rings.

Space them evenly, with the longer components in the centre and the shorter components on the outside.

Attach the reindeer charm to the 6mm jump ring and hook it onto the silver ring.

Use the 4mm jump ring to connect the earring wire to the earring. Make a matching earring.

And there you have it - a sophisticated pair of Rudolph earrings!

What will Day 10 bring?
An ornament?
A Christmas Tree?
Or, maybe a wreath?

Be sure to check back tomorrow to find out! 'Til then.......