Friday, December 23, 2011

Twelve Days and Counting - Day 11 - Elegant Ornament Earrings

If you've been following along with the Twelve Days and Counting Earrings Spectacular you'll know that there are just two more pairs of earrings to go. Can you believe how fast this Earrings Challenge has gone?

Today's earrings are long, detailed and ornate - very appropriate for ornaments, don't you think? They have a certain style and elegance about them. I love the luminescence of the red miracle beds - it's almost as if they are glowing!

If you want to create a pair of Elegant Ornament earrings, this is what you'll need:
2 x 14mm red miracle beads
2 x 4mm Siam Crystazzi crystals
2 x double ended crystal rondelle beadcaps
2 x crystal rondelles
2 x silver four-sided lantern shaped beads
2 x 14mm Silver Filigree Leaf Bead Caps
2 x 12mm Silver Filigree Open Leaf Bead Caps
2 x miniature petal shaped bead caps
2 x silver 3mm beads
2 interchangeable earring wires
2 head pins

On one end of the double ended crystal rondelle, gently push the prongs in........

....until they meet in the centre to create a point.

Thread all the beads and findings onto the head pin using the photo as a guide.

Push all the components down and then, using chain nose pliers grip the head pin above the crystal .

Turn a 90° angle.

Using round nose pliers, hold the head pin above the bend and create a wrapped loop.

Trim away the excess wire of the head pin with flush cutters.

Place the end of the earring wire through the loop and pass it along the wire until it sits in the hook. Gently close it so that the earring is secure.

Wasn't that easy? Don't you love it when something that looks complicated turns out to be really easy. Make the second earring to match and then adorn yourself with your new Christmas Ornament earrings.

I'll be back tomorrow with the final pair of earrings in this project. Can you guess what they might be? All I'll say is that they're a twist on a traditional Christmas icon.

Do stop by tomorrow to see what it is.

'Til then........