Monday, July 11, 2011

Kashmiri Stretch Bracelet

Opulent Kashmiri Bead Stretch Bracelet inspiration sheet

Simple design, stunning beads! Purple Kashmiri bead stretch bracelet
I'm really big on trying to make a little time for crafting every single day. We are all very time challenged these days and sometimes our busy lives give us only a few short minutes to spend in our crafting area and that's where today's project comes into it's own - a bracelet you can make in just minutes and with only a few materials and no jewellery making skills.

Stretch Magic beading elastic and strand of purple Kashmiri beadsYou'll need:
Stretch Magic 1mm Beading Cord
Jesse James Boho purple bead strand (or perhaps you prefer blue, redorange or an assortment!)
Bead stoppers or sticky tape
Wire cutters
G-S Hypo Cement (or nail polish)

Begin by removing the beads from the beading wire that they came on. Don't use your good scissors for this as you will nick the blade (I prefer to use my flush cutters). Flush cutters cutting a bead stopper off the end of a strand of beadsYou can rearrange the beads if you like or just keep them in the pattern on the strand. Jesse James' designers do a great job of selecting bead combinations so for this project I am happy to go with them just the way they are.

Cut a piece of Stretch Magic the length of your wrist plus 10cm (4"). About 30cm (12") is a good length to work with. Measure and cut a 30cm (12") length od Stretch MagicPre-stretch it by holding the elastic at each end and pulling it firmly three or four times. This will help overcome the problem of the bracelet stretching after you've worn it a few times.

Place a beadstop on one end (or tape the Stretch Magic to your workspace) and thread on the beads. Large purple Kashmiri bead being strung on beading elasticTip: Make sure that either your first or last bead is a large holed bead. That way you can hide your knot!

To tie the knot, place one end over the other and tie a half knot. Tying a half knot in beading elasticTie a second half knot Tying a double knot in beading elasticand pull the knot tightly. Tightening the knot in beading elasticTie another knot and pull tightly again. Pulling the double knot in the beading elastic tightlyRepeat two more times, making sure you pull the knot tightly each time. Place a dab of glue on the knot Applying G-S Hypo Cement to the knot in the elasticand trim the ends of the elastic to about 6 or 7mm (1/4")Cut the elastic ends close6mm (1/4") from the knot. and then slide the knot inside the large holed bead.Sliding the knot in the beading elastic inside a large bead to hide itI've found this method to be the most successful way to tie off Stretch Magic. You can see a video on how to do this here:

And there you have it - a quick but stunning bracelet!

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Step by Step tutorial sheet for how to make a stretch bracelet.
The best way to tie a secure knot in beading elastic inspiration sheet

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