Friday, June 3, 2011

Katiedids Design Contest

I got a wonderful surprise email in my inbox this morning from none other than the incredibly talented Katie Hacker. Katie is the designer of Katiedids jewellery components - those fantastic metal bezels designed to simulate the look of channel set stones. I have loved these bezels since the moment I first saw them and I've even posted about them before so when Katie and Beadalon announced that they would sponsor a design contest featuring Katiedids components, it was only natural that I would have to enter.So back to Katie's email. I got the surprise of my life when she announced that my entry called "Plumescent" had been awarded an honourable mention. I am absolutely thrilled!

I hope you'll pop on over to see all the entries on her facebook page. The winning entry, "Sunshine" by Lilian Chen, is a feast for the eyes but all the entries are wonderfully creative! I hope that they inspire you to have a play with these very unique bezels too.

Until next time.....