Bangles for BIG Girls...Bangles for SMALL Girls.... Bangles for AVERAGE Girls!

Bangles for BIG Girls...Bangles for SMALL Girls.... Bangles for AVERAGE Girls!
Add a touch of colour to your outfits with these fun and colourful resin bangles, sized to suit girls of all sizes. Magnetic clasps make these ideal for girls who find it hard to get a traditional bangle on their wrist. And they're available in a range of colours with different focals. Check them out in the Resin Jewellery Shop!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Luck o' the Irish - Good Fortune, that is!

Want to be lucky this St Patrick's Day? Then why not make yourself a bracelet from a lucky Four Leafed Clover!Here's what you'll need:
  • Bottle caps (your could be really Irish and drink the green brew first or just buy some bottle caps from the home brewing section in the supermarket)
  • Magic-Glos UV curing resin
  • Jasart Four leaf clover stickers - these are real four leafed clovers on a clear background so the background can't be seen under the resin
  • Crystals, rub-ons or other small embellishments
  • Green striped scrapbook paper
  • 1" circle punch
  • 1mm drill bit and drill
  • Hammer
  • UV nail lamp (sunshine will cure the resin if you don't have a UV lamp)
Use the hammer to flatten the bottle caps to give them a nice border. Punch as many circles from the scrapbook paper as you need. My paper didn't require sealing but some papers do. (Try Liquid Sculpey.) Squeeze a blob of Magic-Glos into the centre of the bottle cap about the size of a 5c coin (dime size). Spread it out to the edges.

Place a paper circle in the Magic-Glos and press it down so that the resin oozes up around the outside of the paper. Place another blob of resin in the centre so that it fully covers the paper. Place under the lamp (or in the sunshine) for about 15 minutes to cure.

Apply a four leaf clover sticker to the centre of the bottle cap. Cover the entire surface with Magic-Glos and cure for another 15 minutes.

Add any embellishments such as rub-ons now, then apply another layer of Magic-Glos, add the crystals and then place under the lamp until cured.

Turn your lucky four leaf clover charms into jewellery by drilling holes in each bottle cap and assembling them with beads and charms.I hope you have fun creating your own lucky charms for St Patrick's Day.

May Irish good fortune smile upon you today!


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