Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Beadweaving in the RAW

This beadweaving thing is becoming addictive!

After finishing the first two RAW kits I couldn't help experimenting with it some more. I've started working on variations in colour, bead placement, even bead shape and each piece has turned out quite differently. I can't help but think about the endless variations that can be created with this weave. I have got to stop! This was supposed to be a relaxing holiday activity but it's beginning to take a strangle hold over me! So this is the last RAW piece I'm going to work on for a while. The holidays have now come to an end and I've learned a new jewellery making skill. Gosh, I've even done some experimenting with it so, goal achieved! What a good start to the New Year.

I'm about to begin working on a spiral rope bracelet kit and I imagine that this will be just as addictive once I realise the endless possibilities with this weave too. This will take me longer to complete though because it's back to work today. Here's hoping it doesn't become a UFO!!


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