Saturday, January 15, 2011

Amethyst Spiral

At last, here it is... my final Christmas holiday project..... a twisted spiral rope bracelet kit. I thought this would be the most difficult of the kits I'd bought because it looks so complicated but I think it was actually the easiest! There are really only two simple steps in the pattern; string on the beads, count back 4 beads, and stitch back up through those four beads. That's it... there isn't any more to it and once you start, it comes together really quickly. I think it took all of one hour from start to finish, including adding the closure.

I really enjoyed this project and of all the kits I've done, this one has definitely been my favourite - I can see myself incorporating this into a future jewellery project.

Working on these simple bead weaving kits over the last few weeks has not only been enjoyable but it has also given me a few new techniques to draw on in the future. You've gotta love it when learning = FUN!

'til next time......