Monday, September 22, 2008

Resin jewellery

I've been playing with quick setting resin for a while now and I've cast many, many pieces using my trusty Krafty Lady art moulds. In fact I have a clear plastic container full of resin casts and whenever anyone sees it they think it's a jar of lollies! What do you think? I think they look good enough to eat!

Anyway, I thought it was about time I did something with them. So I set to and made a few of those casts into jewellery pieces this week.Firstly, a necklace using a Krafty Lady art mould called 8 Up (AM330). I like the simplicity of this piece - clear resin with a little bit of turquoise glitter. All I added were some turquoise glass beads, a few metal filigree beads and a length of gold chain which makes it drape nicely.

I had another 3 buttons left from this mix so the two smaller ones became matching earrings.......

.......and the larger one is destined to become a ring later on to complete the set. I'll post pics of that one once it's finished.

And the next one I made up is a coral coloured petroglyph. It has a bit of a terracotta look about it so I added turquoise coloured beads and some carnelian chips to give it an Aztec feel. I finished it with a length of diamond-cut flat gold chain to join the beads together which has really dressed it up. Complimentary colours on the colour wheel have such impact when used together which is why the turquoise and terracotta work so well together. The gold adds some real richness to it but an earthy twine would have made this piece just as interesting.

After making these few casts into jewellery, I still have a whole container of pieces to play with and lots of ideas so I'll post more photos as I make them up.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Resin Bangles

News Flash! Check out my latest post for your chance to win a handmade resin bangle.

This morning I decided I need to make some jewellery to coordinate with my wardrobe. I make a lot of jewellery but don't wear as much of it as I'd like simply because it doesn't go with what I wear! So I thought it was about time I rectified that.

I have a very limited range of colours in my wardrobe ranging from plums to smoky pinks with a splash of purple and a sprinkling of burgundy thrown in - colours that really suit my complexion and that feel so "me" when I wear them. But whilst it's relatively easy to find clothing in this range of colours, I've found it difficult to find accessories "off the rack", so to speak, that coordinate with my clothes. And that's where resin comes in.... I can tint it to any colour I like! So this morning, I pulled out the resin and my Krafty Lady bangle moulds and began tinting away. This is what I came up with.
What a perfect match!

I proudly wore the bangle to work today and showed it off to my workmates who were all amazed that I'd made it myself earlier that day!

There are more resin bangle samples on my website. If you'd like to learn how to make them yourself, send me an email for details of the next workshop I'm teaching.

Monday, September 8, 2008

What to do with Peel Off Sticker Waste

Got some sequin waste in your stash? Well I'm sure you've seen it used in papercrafting before - maybe you've used it as a stencil to sponge through or perhaps you've attached a piece to your work. But take a closer look at the background of this ATC. It's peel-off sticker waste - what an interesting background!

I've used up just about the entire sheet of these oriental script stickers but I just couldn't let the beautiful negative left behind go to waste. It's added a lovely lacy-ness to the background of the ATC and yet the contrast of the black-on-white adds a very strong touch.

I've kept the embellishments fairly simple so they wouldn't compete with the background.... just some fans painted with Lumiere paint and an Opals heart, all cast from Krafty Lady art moulds.

I love the result so much that I'm going to check the rest of my peel-off sticker sheets to see what other potential backgrounds there might be. I have a lace border sheet which is black (but I haven't used any of those strips yet) and I also have an Egyptian sheet which is black. Oh, that one might have potential.... and I haven't done anything Egyptian in quite a while. That gives me an idea........

Saturday, September 6, 2008

ATCs - SSI Retreat

Just a quick post this afternoon.
As promised, here's some more eye candy from the Southside Stampers Retreat - a selection of the ATCs I made for swaps! Click on the image and it will take you to my Webshots album where you'll find even more.
Swapping was so much fun - these little miniature artworks are a wonderful keepsake and will remind me of each and every one of you every time I look at them..... thanks for a great weekend ladies.
P.S. I'll upload the ATCs I received as I have time so don't forget to check back again later!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Southside Stampers Retreat

After a quieter blogging month in August I'm back on deck again after the hectic lead up to the Southside Stampers Retreat which took place over this past weekend.

I had the pleasure of teaching workshops to this fantastic group of ladies all day Saturday and well into the wee small hours of Sunday morning and we had a ball. There were about 40 campers in all and it was very enjoyable making friends with this lovely group of stampers. I actually remembered to take my camera with me but sadly, I forgot to take photos with it, although here's a couple of happy snaps that I did manage. If any of you have photos you'd like to share with me please send me an email.

Belinda in action painting acetate butterflies

Stella and Sue

We worked on two different projects during the day: the morning session was a mixed media project using Lumiere paint and tyvek - tyvek is really fun to play with although a little unpredictable but what great texture you can achieve with it. I had teased campers with a little peek at the inside of the project a few weeks back but now it's time to unveil the entire project for all to see.

The wonderful little vials have been inked up with alcohol inks and have little Pearls of Wisdom tucked inside.

The afternoon/evening project was an altered cigarette tin with an accordion book attached to the inside of the tin.


inside tin - front view

inside tin - back view

All the ladies began with the same kit so it was fabulous to see such an array of different pages emerge as each stamper created her own take on the project - so many different personalities, such a lot of talent!This is Prue's version of the tin front

and the pages below are by Linda who chose different colours and stamps to personalise her booklet.

Despite everyone beginning with the same kit, no two finished pieces looked the same - there were some beautiful variations: there was an oriental version, a bold and colourful version, there were soft and delicate ones, and arty ones too. It's a shame I didn't take more photos but everyone did a great job and felt a real sense of achievement and satisfaction in finishing the project.

It was a fabulous weekend with much laughter and learning and it was such a pleasure to be the guest teacher for the weekend. I will upload all the ATCs and swaps I received to my Webshots album later on so don't forget to check them out.