Saturday, July 12, 2008

Tape on a Chain

Here's a neat idea I saw in one of my classes today.

You've heard of "soap on a rope", well one of the ladies in my class came up with her own version: "tape on a chain". She'd been having trouble keeping track of all her rolls of tape so she bundled them all together on a length of ball chain and now finds it really easy to locate her tape.

I thought this was such a neat idea as you can open the connector and add another roll or remove a finished one and then close it back up to keep it all together.

I love this idea - finally, a solution for my own desk where rolls of tape just seem to disappear under the mounds of paper and ephemera.

Credit goes to Margaret Jobbings for sharing this great idea - thanks Margaret!

P.S. I found these at my local newsagency - Rexel 10 pack of Neck Chains!


  1. Absolutely great idea. I'm going to share this as "tip of the week" with Orientalstampart (aren't you on that group?) -- with a link to your blog!

  2. I am now - thanks to your prompt :)
    I've been meaning to join OSA for the longest time! Myléne


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