Saturday, June 21, 2008

Core'dinations in Vamp Stamp News

Back in an April post, I chatted about how I'd been playing with Core'dinations cardstock and I wrote about some of the distressing techniques I had tried on it. This is the background from that post but, at the time, I couldn't share the card I made with it as I'd submitted it for a magazine challenge.

But at last I can share the finished card.

To get this look, I scrunched it, sanded the creases and then inked some of them to add a little more interest. The two moulded pieces are cast from Krafty Lady moulds (AM250 Ornate Vase and AM085 Crest) and the stamps are from Krafty Lady and Stamps in Motion.

You can find more detailed instructions on how to make the card in the June issue of Vamp Stamp News in the challege combining stamping with Art Moulds.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Double Bows with Bow-Easy

Whilst I was demonstrating how to tie perfect bows with the Bow-Easy at the recent Scrapbook Expo in Brisbane, one of the onlookers (a visitor from New Zealand) spoke to me afterwards and suggested I could tie a double bow. She was quite adept at using the Bow-Easy herself so she quickly demonstrated how she did it. I didn't catch her name but I just wanted to thank her for sharing her idea and I thought I'd share it with you too.

You need to get to figure 4 on the Bow-Easy tutorial first and then follow the pics below.

1. Wrap the tail around the legs a second time
so that it looks like this.

2. Push the tail through the slot and pull it through to the other side. Pull the tail towards you but leave some slackness in the loop you've just formed.

3. Wrap the tail up and over the loop

and then back through the loop and out to the right hand side.
4. Tighten the knot by pulling it to the centre

and then pull it firmly

until the knot is tight.

5. Slide the bow off the Bow-Easy.

6. Separate the two loop layers by sliding out the inner loops on the right
and then on the left.

7. The finished double loop bow.

P.S. Tying double loop bows works best with soft ribbons such as organza and very soft satin. Stiff ribbons are more difficult to tie into firm knots and don't sit as well as the soft ones.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Friendly Plastic and Krafty Lady Art Moulds

How much fun is Friendly Plastic?!! I love this stuff! Those pretty metallic coloured sticks are simply irresistible and once you start playing with it, it's very addictive.

I did some more moulding with it over the weekend using two different methods and the results are so different to each other.

The first one is really quick. Here's what I did:
I cut 3 different colours of Friendly Plastic - two of them are square and the third one rectangular because of how the mould is positioned on the mould mat.

Krafty Lady art mould AM344 3 Crowns

I worked with one piece at a time, placing it over the chosen shape, metallic side down and heated it with the heat gun until it became shiny and began to droop down into the mould. So that I didn't burn myself and have plastic sticking to my fingers, I dipped them in water first and then worked it into the crevices of the mould and when I was happy that all the mould was filled I placed the mould into a bowl of cold water for about 30 seconds and then popped the crowns out. That's pretty simple..... and really effective.

I made them up into a Christmas card (I know, I know, it's a bit early for Christmas but if I start making cards this early, there's a chance that I may be ready to post them off at the beginning of December instead of on Christmas Eve!).

I used my trusty Cuttlebug to emboss the green card (this is fast becoming my favourite papercrafting tool) and then rubbed a bit of Rub 'n Buff over some of the texture. I also ran a piece of gold mirror card through the Cuttlebug with the same embossing folder and painted it with black acrylic paint. I wiped away most of it with paper towelling so that it was only left in the crevices - and voilà, it looks like embossed metal!
Some organza ribbon and pronged studs finish it off.

So it was on to the next method. This time, instead of cutting a square of Friendly Plastic, I cut narrow strips. I began with a piece of Fuchsia about 6mm wide which I cut it into 3 pieces. I placed them in the centre of the mould and heated with the heatgun as above. Once again, I wet my fingers and worked the plastic until the edges were melted together. Then I cut 5 strips from the Mother of Pearl stick and trimmed them to the right length to fit into each petal and placed them in the mould. I trimmed the offcuts into thin slivers and packed the sides of the mould where it was needed and then melted it with the heat gun. With wet fingers, I worked all the edges together until they were smooth. There were still a few gaps so I added more slivers and heated it again until it melted and smoothed again with wet fingers. Then I placed the mould into the basin of water until it cooled and popped it out. This was a little bit more time consuming but it gives a very different effect to the first method.This was the perfect centre piece for a necklace. All it needed was some simple beading to set it off. I chose pale green glass beads and chunky silver-lined seed beads which I threaded on tiger tail and then connected with jump rings to the petals - a really delicate looking necklace. The frangipani mould is also from Krafty Lady (AM344)

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Core'dinations samples

As promised, here's some eye candy made from those demo samples I prepared at the Scrapbook Expo. This first one is for everyone celebrating Father's Day this weekend looking for a really quick card for the Dad in your life. Here in Australia (and New Zealand for that fact) we don't celebrate Father's Day until the first Sunday in September so I'm feeling a little bit organised with a card made so many months in advance!I've used an image from Stamp-Its County Life 9up by Rachel Greig. This sheet has 9 wonderful rustic images on it which are really well suited to male cards and they need very little embellishment. I used a sheet of Black Magic which I randomly sanded and then layered onto a sheet from the Vintage Collection. I sponged a bit of Vintage Photo Distress Ink on a length of printed twill to age the tape a little and then it only needed a few extra touches like the photo corners and studs to tie it all together. I die cut the letters using my favourite tool, the Cuttlebug and Harmony alphabet. I've got to say that the Cuttlebug is one of the best tools I've invested in!
Here's another really quick card, this time using the Cuttlebug to emboss the background of a piece of Black Magic card. This is a really bold pattern and it sanded away very quickly. If you get a bit heavy handed you might tear away bits of it like I did, but luckily they were all hidden by other elements. I used another image from Rachel Greig - this time Floriade 9up. These great black and white images look terrific coloured with just a hint of chalk. The ribbon is from my stash but I think it once adorned a gift and the colours suit the card perfectly. The red card front and the die cut letters are both from the Vintage Collection. I just love the pre-distressed finished on this cardstock. This card is a variation of the Bloom card above. I've used another image from the Rachel Greig Floriade 9up coloured with chalk.

I have lots more pieces of cardstock to make up yet, so check back later for more card samples and some different ideas on how to use Core'dinations.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Scrapbook Expo demo wrap-up

What a fantastic weekend it was at the Scrapbook Expo....... It was great to meet so many of you at the Stamp Antics stand and be able to demo the Bow-Easy first hand for you. I bet you never thought tying perfect bows could be so simple! Remember, if you get stumped with the instructions that come in the package, then head over to my website and go to the Tutorials page where you can download and print some really clear, easy to follow instructions with step-by-step photos.

The Core'dinations card stock was another popular demo. I happily sanded, scrunched, inked and tore away at the card stock and produced lots of bits which will be great additions to cards later on. Here's a bunch of the cardstock I was working on. I'll make them up into cards later on and post those also.

As you can see, I really enjoy working with the Black Magic collection..... I just love the contrast between the black and the core colour when you sand it back..... it's definitely my favourite!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Scrapbook Expo

This weekend Brisbane plays host to the annual Australasian Scrapbook and Papercraft Convention. Brisbane is the only city this show comes to which is so exciting for all us Brissie girls. I really look forward to it because of it's unique mix of retailers with scrapbooking, cardmaking and jewellery supplies all happily residing under the one roof and the friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

I'll be demonstrating for Jenny at Stamp Antics using some of the newest Krafty Lady Art Moulds including that gorgeous frangipani which has been so popular. I know Jenny's stocks are already dwindling so you'll want to be early to get one of these. I'll also be playing with the Core'dinations cardstock range and as I mentioned last month, I'll be demonstrating how to tie bows using the Bow-Easy tool. You won't believe how easy it is once you know how! I hope you'll stop by (stand 18-19) and say hello - I'd love to meet you!

So to whet your appetite with a sampling of some of the new Krafty Lady moulds, here's a sneak peek at some of the samples that will be on display:

I hope to see you there!