Saturday, May 31, 2008

Moulding with Friendly Plastic

It was back to the kitchen this week to experiment a little more with Friendly Plastic. I seem to spend quite a bit of time in the kitchen these days but it never seems to be to cook (well except for family meals). I seem to craft more there than I cook and I really don't have a problem with that any more as my children are all old enough now to prepare a meal when I can't. But I emphasise prepare because they still don't clean up afterwards!
But I do enjoy playing with my craft stuff in the kitchen: sometimes it's Opals, sometimes polymer clay, and at the moment it's Friendly Plastic.
So, here's what I tried this week. I placed a square of Friendly Plastic over the mould and heated it with the heatgun until it began to soften and droop down into the mould cavity just slightly. With wet fingers, I carefully eased it down into the mould until I had worked my fingers across the entire mould cavity. This stuff gets very hot, so keep wetting your fingers. If you feel it's begun to set, apply the heat gun again and then dip your fingers in water before proceeding as above. I dropped the entire mould into a bowl filled with cold water for about 30 seconds and then it just popped right out. Krafty Lady moulds are amazing like that: no need to apply a release agent as there is one already built in.

This mould is AM339 Geisha Head and is part of the newest release.