Sunday, April 6, 2008

Turning Japanese!

I seem to have the oriental bug just lately!

After turning the Polished Pigment backgrounds into a set of Asian inspired ATCs last week, it seeemed logical to make a box to house them.

I found a diecut pattern at my local stamp shop which was designed just for this purpose, and an oriental themed serviette from my stash in just the right colours. Add a few embellishments and some gold and black peel off stickers and you have a really neat box for storing the ATCs in. The black and gold symbol on the back is a Krafty Lady art mould (AM042 Asian Symbol No. 2).

Back view - The black and gold symbol is a Krafty Lady art mould (AM042 Asian Symbol No. 2)

Right hand side view

Left hand side view


  1. psssttt!!! send me a photo of the front of the box for the kldt site! it's beautiful.

  2. Thanks France. Shall do.


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