Check out my new range of colourful, sparkly resin bracelets

Check out my new range of colourful, sparkly resin bracelets
These stylish bracelets feature a selection of crystal focals and silver beads and have a strong, crystal-encrusted magnetic clasp, making them perfect for the girl who can't get a regular bangle over her knuckles. They also come in larges sizes for girls with bigger wrists.

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Domed Woven Leather Bangle

Since my last post on how to make a woven leather ring, I've made a few bangles using the same technique. The first one was with memory wire and it looks fabulous but alas, with no stretch in it, it's a very small bangle. So I switched to using 20 gauge wire to create coils the size I wanted - this was much more successful. Here's a couple of other things I learned along the way.

Tape your coils in place - it makes it much easier to get the weave started.

If you make your coils too large and the diameter of the finished bangle is too large like the orange one in this photo,

then try this trick. Pull the outer wire tighter....

so the outer coil is smaller than the middle coils - it will create a domed effect on the bangle.

Do the same thing on the other side of the bangle.  Trim the wire to 2cm (3/4") and then thread the wire back into the weaving.

And here's the finished result: the orange bangle is now smaller than the purple one.

So what do you think: Do you like the domed effect?

Gotta love it when something you think you've messed up turns into something better than the original idea!

'Til next time.....


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