Colourful resin bracelet with a sparkly magnetic clasp. Now available in my Resin Jewellery Shop.

Colourful resin bracelet with a sparkly magnetic clasp. Now available in my Resin Jewellery Shop.
These stylish bracelets feature a selection of crystal focals and silver beads and have a strong, crystal-encrusted magnetic clasp, making them perfect for the girl who can't get a regular bangle over her knuckles. They also come in larges sizes for girls with bigger wrists.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Twelve Days and Counting...Jingle All the Way!

With December now upon us, it's time to swing into Christmas crafting. I'm really looking forward to sharing some Christmas jewellery projects with you this month.... a Twelve Days of Christmas, if you like - but stretched out over the next three weeks. I hope you'll stop by for each of the twelve projects to see what I've come up with.

Right now, I've got Bing Crosby's "Merry Christmas" playing in my studio. It's one of my all time favourite Christmas albums and I must have played it a thousand times but it always makes me feel Christmassey! So in keeping with how cheery I find this music, let's kick off this event with some equally cheery earrings, called "Jingle all the Way".

Let's have a look at how these are put together.

Materials needed for each earring:

Begin by opening an eye pin, hooking on the loop of one of the jingle bells and then closing the eye pin again. Repeat with the other two bells .

For the silver ball, place a bead cap on the head pin, the stardust ball and another bead cap . Thread on a 5mm tube and then turn a loop.
Repeat for the other lengths using 2 x 5mm (or a 10mm tube if you have one) on one, a 20mm on another and the 30mm on the remaining one.

Open a jump ring and hook all 4 loops onto it, arranging them from shortest to longest.
Attach another jump ring to the first one and then attach it to the bottom of the bow connector .
Finish the earring by opening the loop of the earring wire and then hooking on the top of the bow connector.
Now, make a matching pair and then jingle your way through Christmas!

Don't forget to stop by for the Second Day of Christmas later in the week.

'Til then......


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