Now available! - Christmas Tree Earrings Collection

Now available! - Christmas Tree Earrings Collection
Add a touch of magic to your holiday outfits with festive Christmas earrings. I’ve gathered together 12 of my all-time best Christmas Tree earring designs from previous years in this one special ebook. From traditional to modern, you’ll find a variety of styles, techniques and materials and something for every level of jewellery-maker.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Making Rosaries

It seems that my daughter has caught the beading bug!
She wanted to make some parting gifts for friends she had made at WYD in Sydney and decided to put her new found jewellery making skills to use. This is what she came up with......I think she did a great job..... she chose the bead combinations to suit each recipient and then worked out how she was going to connect each of the bead components together - she even made do with flat beads in place of the centrepiece medals. Of course she raided my stash to do it but it was a worthy project so I didn't mind. And her friends reactions...... well, they all loved their personalised, handmade memento.


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